Innovation Day

                                              Innovation Day

                              Solar panel / solar energy  


                             Georgia smith & Talia Waggott




For our project, we did solar energy. We had to do a lot of research to find out if you could store solar energy. We learned that you could keep the energy in a big battery so you can store it overnight. So you can charge devices or anything else you want to plugin. You could also use the power from the sunlight in the day to watch tv at night. Now that we told you our main topic we are going to tell you about our project. For our project, we decided to make a prototype electric tree that you would see at the beginning of the movie “The Lorax”.  

Lorax – Disco tree


Empathy paragraph

Well, we were making this project we got frustrated because it became very hard to think of an idea. Then we thought of the idea to make the disco tree. ( Lorax – Disco tree ) but we would make it in a  more modest version with led lights so you can make it into any mode with a touch of a button. Maybe we could build a model with led light and a little solar panel for fun one day. 


Ideate paragraph 

We are deciding to make an electric tree with lots of different functions like disco mode and different colors.  We also want it to look really cool. We will add fireworks, a projector, outlets and come with 5 puppies. At the top of the electric tree, there will be a  solar panel at the top and a battery will be at the end of the tree to keep the solar energy so you can use it at night. The disco mode and the collar will come from led lights that are in glass balls. This idea came from the Lorax.


written explanation  


For our explanation of what an entree is, it’s a metal tree with metal branches. At the end of each branch, there is a big hard plastic ball with led light strips in them. at the end of the tree there is a place where there is a charger port, a led light controller, a place to get the puppies out of, and a big battery to keep the energy. there is also a charger port from the energy we have saved.




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