Masks are very important during a pandemic like now. It is very scary, but luckily we have masks. They protect other people but not you. If everyone wears masks it is a lot safer but is not necessarily comfortable. Here are some reasons why they are uncomfortable. Firstly, they get super hot. Secondly,  they are itchy and hard to breathe in. However, the good things about masks are that some masks are kind of stylish like not all masks are but a lot are. Also, they help keep you safe. Some other reasons are that we get to see friends that we have not seen in a while because of quarantine. So in summary they help keep us safe and it will spread a lot less. Yay!

3 thoughts on “Masks”

  1. Hi Stargazer,

    I enjoyed reading your paragraph on masks. Masks can be uncomfortable but they do help keep everyone safe. Are you getting used to wearing a mask at school? Do you have a stylish mask that you like wearing? I am used to wearing a mask and so are all my students in Grade 3. I think the whole school is doing a great job of wearing masks.
    Keep smiling behind that mask!
    Mrs. Bennett

  2. “Yay” indeed!

    It is definitely no fun having to wear a mask all day, but because we do it, we are able to keep school open and give you a chance to see your friends each day! Hopefully as time goes on we will feel more comfortable with them AND eventually we’ll reach a point where we no longer need to wear them.

    Thanks to you and your classmates for doing such a great job following the rules and helping keep our school safe!


  3. Dear Stargazer
    I olved your masks blog. I agree that they are uncomterble but I know that to protect people I have to wear masks.

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